Volume 1, Issue 1, August 2020
eISSN : 2735-0703


1. Quantifying Stability and Chaoticity of One-dimensional and Two-dimensional Discrete Dynamical Systems using Stability Analysis and Lyapunov Exponents
DOI : 10.24191/mij.v1i1.15657
Ng Wee Chee , Ummu Atiqah Mohd Roslan
pp. 1-9
Email of corresponding author : ummuatiqah@umt.edu.my
2. UiTM Tapah Non-Resident Rental Housing Application
DOI : 10.24191/mij.v1i1.15658
Nurul Afiqah Binti Ayob,Nur Hasni Nasrudin,Samsiah Ahmad,Rosida Ahmad Junid
pp. 10-19
Email of corresponding author : nurha932@uitm.edu.my
3. Consumers’ Intention to Use Mobile Payment: A Case of Quick Response (QR) Code Applications
DOI : 10.24191/mij.v1i1.14166
Nur Fathin A. Rosli, Roslina Ibrahim, Yazriwati Yahya, Norziha M.M. Zainuddin, Suraya Yaacob, Rasimmah C.M. Yusoff
pp. 20-34
Email of corresponding author : iroslina.kl@utm.my
4. A Usability Testing on Jawi Mobile Application for Standard One Acquisition on Reading and Writing Skills
DOI : 10.24191/mij.v1i1.14167
Siti Shafida Sharifuddin, Nur Hasni Nasrudin, Rosida Ahmad Junid
pp. 35-42
Email of corresponding author : nurha932@uitm.edu.my
5. Rapid Application Development of Pharmaceutical Database System DOI : 10.24191/mij.v1i1.14168
DOI : 10.24191/mij.v1i1.14168
Fatin Natasya Shuhaimi, Nor Liza Saad, Roslinda Ramli
pp. 43-54
Email of corresponding author : roslinda@kuis.edu.my
6. The Effectiveness of Pro-Math Challenge Module to Improve Knowledge, Perception, Attitude and Inclination of Students in Mathematics Subject
DOI : 10.24191/mij.v1i1.14171
Anis Zafirah Azmi, Nor Faezah Mohamad Razi, Jufiza A. Wahab, Anisah Abdul Rahman, Ahmad Nur Azam Ahmad Ridzuan,
Zulkifli Mohd Ghazali
pp. 55-60
Email of corresponding author : anis9108@uitm.edu.my
7. Engaging Learning with Game on Food and Nutrition for Pre-School Children
DOI : 10.24191/mij.v1i1.14172
Cassandra Yen Pei Ying, Danakorn Nincarean Eh Phon, Mohd Faaizie Darmawan
pp. 61-76
Email of corresponding author : danakorn@ump.edu.my
8. Computer Game Application for JAVA Programming Language Learning
DOI : 10.24191/mij.v1i1.14175
Nurul Hafizah Zainal Abidin, Roslah Arsad, Norliana Muslim, Suraya Masrom
pp. 77-89
Email of corresponding author : nurul354@uitm.edu.my
9. Multiple Regression Analysis of Job Satisfaction among Employees at ABC Factory
DOI : 10.24191/mij.v1i1.14176
Nurul Husna Jamian, Mohd Hafiz Mohammad Hamzah,Wan Noor Hayatie Wan Abdul Aziz,Farah Waheeda Azhar
pp. 90-95
Email of corresponding author : nurul872@uitm.edu.my
10. Pearson correlation coefficient of the student perception and challenges towards open and distance learning during COVID-19
DOI : 10.24191/mij.v1i1.14177
Wan Noor Hayatie Wan Abdul Aziz,Nurhasniza Idham Abu Hasan,Mohd Hafiz Mohammad Hamzah,Rossidah Wan Abdul Aziz
pp. 96-103
Email of corresponding author : wanno124@uitm.edu.my